Quality is our reputation, and, founded a successful business. Since starting out in 2005 we have successfully delivered over 1,000 test assemblies to satisfied customers. Our reputation, experience and attaining of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard for ‘Design and Manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards and Mechanical Devices’ has secured business with large corporations.

Our staff have an education in IPC and Quality Standards and endeavour to design and deliver the relevant standard on each piece part of an assembly, be it in concept, or, as a physical product.

Our PCB and Mechanical Design staff are graduates of relevant disciplines, and, have been internally and externally trained to use software they use to create designs.

ITE fosters a learning environment by offering coaching and training to staff, aiding self-worth and employee retention.

Our company focus is not just on what we deliver right now, but also how we will deliver in the future.